Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WHW: Warmth

It's time for We Heart Wednesday! I love making these collages. It's so fun to browse through all the photos on We Heart It. I could probably do it all day.. I really could. =] Today, I am freezing my butt off. It's downright cold here, and I wasn't prepared for it. So I am craving some warmth. I want to go crawl back into bed with my Hubby, cuddle with my kitty, sit by a fire.. anything to feel my toes again!!


AngieDMac said...

This is the right time for warmth too! I love your collage! How'd you go about making it?

Hugs & Loves, Ariel said...

mmm warm cookies fresh from the oven! yes please

Brie said...

Awe, but I'd seriously die to be cold enough to need a warm fire. :)