Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Under Construction

Okay my little maternity leave vacation has lasted wayyy longer than I thought it would.

I've been completely derailed when it comes to my blog. I got so sidetracked and off topic, and I have no idea how.

I need to do a total revamp for my blog and Etsy shop.

The design is totally not my style, half of the blogs I link to have nothing to do with my sewing.. It's just a mess. 

So please pardon this disaster while I figure out who exactly I am, and what exactly this blog is about.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Vintage Pearl

Have you visited The Vintage Pearl? I just discovered this wonderful site today, and I will definitely be going back. Everything item on their site has a wonderful handmade look to it, and all customized items are handstamped. I could spend thousands in their store and still have more on my wish list.

I saw this adorable Peas In A Pod necklace on NieNie. (If you haven't read her blog, you simply must. It's fabulous. Full of inspiration, happy stories, and adorable photos.)

And this Dainty Drops necklace.. I will definitely be buying one. What a perfect way to feel more connected to my little girl.

This T-shirt! Definitely bookmarked. So cute. Who wouldn't want one? Maybe I can get away with more photo-taking when I'm wearing this ;-)

I'm also deeply in love with this Messy Nest necklace. Sooo cute!! I love the idea of the eggs representing children.