Friday, February 4, 2011

Week of Photos

Wow.. what a week! I've been super busy this week, but I did manage to get pictures every day! I just never got around to actually posting them. Haha.

Jan 31st
Monday was definitely the craziest day of them all. It ended with a trip to the ER for my brother in law. He broke his arm skateboarding; Hubby and I gave him a ride there. Once we were there, things went super smoothly. His Dad, (aka my father in law), is an RN in the cardiac unit at the same hospital. He came downstairs and took care of everything for us. We were just the taxi cab. When we were leaving, Hubby pointed out that someone had smashed their spare tire into the concrete wall of the parking garage.. leaving this funny mark. We tried reading the brand of tire, but it was midnight, and we were tired. Haha.

Feb 1st
Tuesday was my monthly Dr. Appt. I have been dreading this one. At 28 weeks they do your Glucose Tolerance testing. Basically, you drink a nasty sugar water drink, wait and hour, and get your blood drawn for testing. They wanted to check to see if I developed Gestational Diabetes. Thankfully, I have not. Woohoo!

Feb 2nd
Wednesday was a pretty average day. Nothing too exciting, but I did get this lovely fortune with my Panda Express at lunch =]

Feb 3rd - Happy Birthday Kari!!!
Thursday I made a gift for my fellow prego, Kari. She wanted some wooden letters to hang on her nursery wall, spelling out her daughters name. I went a little above the basic wooden letters, and decorated them. I have another post about these later =]

Feb 4th
Friday, again, not too exciting. Hubby was gone most of the night, so I went out with Kari for a small shopping trip. I've mentioned Hubby's RC car hobby recently. He funds his hobby by selling these small 1:10 scale sleeping bags. Other hobbyists buy them and attach them to their RC trucks for extra points during their scale competitions. Tonight he went out to the local hobby stores to gather payment, and restock their inventory.


Megan said...

I love the picture from the parking lot. That person must have had really hard time changing their flat! I also really like the picture of the little sleeping bag! I never realized how much people get in to RC cars until I moved to Korea. It's really popular among a lot of the soldiers here. Anyway, great pictures, as always!

Hugs & Loves, Ariel said...

i love your happy birthday Kari picture!! i'm digging the way the glitter looks nice job!!