Thursday, February 24, 2011

Computer Problems and a New Project

I may not be posting a photo every day, but I am still taking them! I'm determined to keep up with my Project 365, even after baby is born. I fell behind this week because I ran into a bunch of computer problems. I got this nasty virus somehow, and spent several days getting it all fixed. So Feb 22 is a picture of my computer screen, while running the second scan of the night. Feb 23rd was another night of computer repairs, so I took a picture of my companion. He wants to spend the night in my lap, and he is so darn cute when he asks. =]

Feb 22nd

Feb 23rd

Feb 24th
Today I stayed home from work for some R&R, and ran to the fabric store. I gathered up the supplies for my next project. I'm making a custom item for a fellow blogger, and I can't wait to show it to you!


Ashley said...

I am so overwhelmed with excitement! :]

Let me know what kinds of things you'd like, lady. Most of the stuff I have is travel related and outdoorsy, but I am definitely fine with picking up some more stuff to fit your likes. :]

Ashley said...

Cute kitty! I'm a new follower! Thanks for adding my button <3