Thursday, January 13, 2011

We Heart It

    Yes, the side effects are really a serious pain in the butt.. but overall I love being pregnant. I love feeling my little one move around.. I love having a round belly.. and I love knowing that I am a Mom. <3 I also love maternity photos.. I really really do. Haha. Maybe it's a weird obsession, I don't know. I'm going to be getting my own maternity photos done in about a month, and I am super excited! In the meantime, I will have to just look at other people's photos. Creepy? Maybe. I found these photos on We Heart It. It's an awesome website, you should check it out! This other nifty site, Brie Marie, has set up a weekly thing called We Heart Wednesday. It's really cool! Every Wednesday, other bloggers will post a collection of photos that they found at We Heart It. Then, we all link up at Brie Marie and share our stuff! It's a great way to build your following, and I'm excited to join the group! So this week is my first edition of We Heart Wednesday.

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Team Romey said...

ha ha love this!!! im going crazy with the blogin and joining everything i just did my first whw!! :) fav. pic the smiley fav. belly! i think you need to do a pic just like that! ;)