Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Macaroni Mix Up

   So I opened the cupboards tonight, ready to make dinner, and I realized something.. I had no idea what to make. I hate it when that happens.. and it seems to happen a lot. Haha. I started digging around and found a packet of sauce mix. It was for some cheesy tomato basil sauce. I whipped up the sauce, boiled some noodles, and mixed it all together. Still missing something.. So I added some corn, and shredded cheese. Lots and lots of cheese. I still wasn't pleased, and I could already hear my husband saying "Where is the meat??" Haha. So I grabbed a can of Spam. Yes, Spam. Diss it all you want, I don't care! =] I chopped it up, and grilled it in the pan, and tossed that in. Perfect!! Hubby liked it. Definitely a success.

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AngieDMac said...

That looks amazing and I love Spam. It's totally an islander thing for me. Too bad my hubby doesn't like it. I love it chopped up in scrambled eggs!