Sunday, March 27, 2011

{Project365} March 15th - 27th

March 15th - Hubby grabbed a cheap toy at Target.

March 16th - Scraps from my 30 Days of Lists book.

March 17th - New Earrings!!! And only $7.50

March 18th - Everyone needs Dr. Seuss in their diaper bag.

March 19th - Shadowbox for the Nursery

March 20th - Favorite Fabric Brand

March 21st - Favorite Bakery
March 22nd - Working at my sewing table

March 23rd - Nanners, I've heard they help with RLS?
March 24th - Lazy Kitty, bored out of his mind I think.
March 25th - Finished a fabric strap
March 26th - New maternity shirt from Old Navy
March 27th - Working on another wallet


Megan said...

Great shots! I love that camera strap fabric!!

Ashley said...

Love the earrings and the strap and the wallet. ;]