Monday, March 7, 2011

Falling Behind..

Wowza. I really fell behind on my Project365 photos. Sorry there Ladies and Gents. You know, I was thinking about this whole project the other day. My blog started out as a combination craft and photography blog, but this whole Project365 thing kind of lead me astray into a more personal blog. So to get things back on track, I'm changing up the way I do my daily photos. I'm only going to post them once a week, and they are not going to be photos to represent my day. Instead, they will be random photos that I took to be more 'artistic.' Does that make sense?

Feb 25 - My Keys
Feb 26 - A house I pass on the way home
Feb 27 - My personal bodyguard
Feb 28 - Black fingernails and my cell phone - Highly edited
Mar 1 - Elk Burger and Fries.. YUM!
Mar 2 - African animal display at Cabela's
Mar 3 - Ribs smoked and barbequed by Hubby for dinner
Mar 4 - Bow from a baby gift
Mar 5 - Detail from another baby gift
Mar 6 - Detail from a recent project - More on this later ;-)
Mar 7 - Double Chocolate Waffles.. OMG so sinfully delicious!!


Adrienne said...

They look great!

Ashley said...

I'm really loving the new look, btw. :] And I love these pictures, too!

Hugs & Loves, Ariel said...

im diggin the key picture! nice job!

Grace said...

I really like the key picture too!