Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Drive

I've mentioned before that I've been sick all week. Today my hubby asked me if I wanted to go for a drive to get some fresh air. We drove along the Sandy and Bull Run rivers to check out the results from the recent flooding. One of the stops was the Bull Run Powerhouse. It's an old retired set of buildings. They recently had to close down the powerhouse due to maintenance costs. There is nothing that I love photographing more than old metal and concrete buildings. The first photo is definitely my favorite. I love rusty locks, but this one was cool because the lock itself was brand new, on an old rusty gate and chain. There is also a trail with access to the river below that is very popular to local kayak enthusiasts.

Jan 23 (My Project 365 Photo)

Jan 23 - Backside of the powerhouse, where it meets the river.

Jan 23 - The access trail down to the river.

Jan 23
This last photo(s) is actually a small waterfall that we stopped at along the way. I had a lot of fun editing all these photos, but I couldn't make up my mind on this one. The one on the left was made with an action in Photoshop, combined with some other contrast enhancement, etc. The one on the right was made with the same contrast enhancements, and a black and white layer with the opacity dropped. I was hoping I could get some input from you all. Which one do you like better? The left or the right?


Adrienne said...

Oh, I love the photos that you took Amanda!! They're awesome!! :)

I think the one on the left is my favorite! Great editing!

The building and chain... They're all awesome!

Ashley said...

Absolutely love these pictures!