Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I did it!!!

I finally did it! I've been contemplating starting a new blog for months now. I wanted a blog that was all mine, just for my sewing and photography, and voila! Here it is!

Thank you to Adrienne from Right Here, Right Now for getting me motivated! She knows I love to take photos.. and she noticed that I have been slacking. Adrienne started a link up for Project365. Basically, you post a photo every day for 365 days. Thanks for the push Adrienne!! Since I'm starting late, I have posted a few of my favorite photos from past photo sessions =]

I took this photo while on my way to church one day. This car was parked outside, and I was immediately drawn to the intense color. It was parked in the owner's lawn, next to the road, with a For Sale sign in the window. Oh how I wish I had the money to buy it. What a beautiful car.

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Adrienne said...

I love all your photos Manda! However, Project365 is a little harder than just posting your pics everyday! :) You also have to TAKE a new picture everyday too! <3 That's the REAL challenge right there! :) Try it, it will be fun, hard, challenging to come up with something new to take a picture of everyday!! :)

Good luck Miss Manda! I look forward to see more belly shots! :)